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M1 Mr Rock & Roll/ Amy MacDonald
M2 愛はきらめきの中に(How Deep Is Your Love)/ Take That
M3 Good Friend/ Nine Days
M4 Both Sides Of The Story/ Phil Collins
M5 One More Chance/ Julio Iglesias,Jr
M6 Time To Kill/ Sophie Zelmani
M7 Shine/ Mr Big

♪SALVAGE MUSIC♪ TODAY'S SELECT:Bette Midler【ベッド・ミドラー グレイテスト・ヒッツ】
M8 Hello In There/ Bette Midler
M9 Chapel of Love/ Bette Midler
M10 The Rose/ Bette Midler
M11 Wind Beneath My Wings/ Bette Midler
M12 From a Distance/Bette Midler